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Burg-Wächter German Shepherds

To the best of my knowledge and my believe at the time of sale.The Health and Temperament of say puppy is good.The required vaccinations,worming,and health examinations are indicated on health records.However the buyer is to have say puppy examined by a licensed veterinarian of buyer’s choice within 72 hours after receipt of puppy.I also recommend you take a stool sample along.If the veterinarian finds the say puppy in poor health.The puppy must be returned to seller at expense of buyer for a replacement of equal value,unless other arrangements are mutually agreed upon.Failure to see a veterinarian with 72 hours will void all guarantees,and no further guarantees are given. Guarantees are given as.

1: 12 Month Guarantee for all life treating genetics.This is a replacement guarantee only for say puppy of equal value at the time of purchase by sellers choice,unless other arrangements are mutually agreed upon.

2: The Buyer agrees to maintain preventative care of say puppy in regards to hip/elbow dysplasia.Such as proper nutrition,proper exercise,and preventing stress injuries.If say puppy develops crippling,not moderate hip or elbow dysplasia (Confirmed by X-rays from a complete licensed Veterinarian),before 12 months of age.The puppy should be returned to seller at expense of the buyer.I the seller will replace the puppy (do to crippling hip/elbow dysplasia) as soon as possible with a puppy of equal value at the time of purchase and by sellers choice.I reserve the right to request that the X-rays to be sent first for review by a board certified veterinary radiologist or other veterinarian of my choice.Should the buyer not do this forfeits any replacement,unless other arrangements are mutually agreed upon.

3: Buyer understands the say puppy has been on a good balanced diet (PURINA ONE CHICKEN & RICE LARGE PUPPY ),and seller encourages the buyer to continue feeding say puppy the same,(a balanced diet.) And that the seller can’t be held responsible for health problems in say puppy as a result of a poor diet.

4: Buyer understands that all sales are final and deposits are non-refundable.Deposits on say puppy are valid for 60 days or till puppy reaches 8 weeks of age,whichever comes first.Failure to maintain proper contact and/or remit timely payments will result in forfeiture when mutual agreements are made,But deposits can roll over to another litter if need be.

5: Puppies come with Full AKC Registration unless stated.The Seller does not guarantee reproductivity.Seller is not responsible for slow or lost Registration in the mail,but will do all in my power to work through it.The buyer has the responsibility to maintain all scheduled vaccinations & regular worming,keeping detailed records of such.The buyer must have a letter from choice Veterinarian in case of any problems occurring with stated say puppy that was purchased.(Or contract agreements are void).Seller is not responsible for any fees in statements where in.Buyer has read all of Contract and agrees to Contract by signing below.

Buyer’s Signature:_______________________________Date:_____/_____/_________

Seller’s Signature:_______________________________Date:_____/_____/_________

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