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We are located in North Corbin Kentucky,on a little farm where there's room to run and play,and even a small creek running through it to cool off on those hot days. Where my dogs are loved and cared for every day. Now that I'm having more time from working on the road to devote to the love of German Shepherds and wanting to pass that on to others with the same desire.

Burg-Wachter German Shepherds is home of an intuition Breeder. With the goal of breeding Quality German Shepherds. So that the German Shepherd Dog Lover may have some of the best that the breed has to offer. Bloodlines from West Germany & Eastern Europe. We have some outstanding Show Line and Working Line Stock available. With wonderful Temperament & Drive. Also having and producing Deep pigments of Black & Red, and some rich Dark Sables.

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I love and favor the West German & Eastern European Breed.In which having so much Drive,Temperament,Beauty,Strength, and an overall ability to face any challenge in front of them.

Without Christ we are Nothing

Puppies are loved and handled daily in a family seen.With noises,touch,smell,and experiences of day to day life before they leave for their forever home.I'm sure you will find so much love and joy with the devotion of owning a German Shepherd Puppy.

Puppies Available

Just some beautiful memories over the years..

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